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Wood trophies

For a more organic and natural design, wood is an excellent material. Each piece is also unique with it's grain and pattern.

All of our wood trophies are created by our designer and the wood is sourced and finished in New Zealand. We use a mix of modern and natural to achieve a unique look that is both professional and homegrown.

For a more Kiwi feel to your trophies wood is an ideal material to work with. We use New Zealand Rimu and Mahogany in our designs, the acrylic components are cut and finished here too. We are very proud of our creations, and think that you will also be proud to present, and recipients honoured to receive them.

If you are presenting trophies to foreign visitors these are a great gift to take a little bit of New Zealand home with them. Or for local companies and associations, they are a uniquely New Zealand design people will be happy to display and share the thanks they have received.